Buy UNIT-T UT61E Help You To Measure Correctly

It is a four and a half of high precision digital multimeter, is used to measure the current of motor parameters such as voltage value. Many car owners will buy UNIT-T UT61E to know the situation of their cars.

UT61E is a four and a half of high precision digital multimeter, this instrument series can be used to measure: ac/dc voltage and current, resistance, diode, on-off circuit, capacitance and other parameters. It also article with analog display, convenient you to monitor the change of signal process. Characteristic can be measured SMT components test frame, can be more convenient and accurate measurement of all kinds of patch class components, application more widely. Can use RS232 connection with computer, the measuring signal real-time monitoring, can more clearly see the change trend of the figure, more convenient to you to analyze the data. As you see, buy UNIT-T UT61E will not be wrong.

buy UNIT-T UT61ESafety first to choose to suit the application using the multimeter, and meet the DMMS application environment. Once you select the appropriate multi-purpose table, you will be in accordance with the normal application to use it. The international association of electronic electrician set new standards for work under power system. Make sure that you are using table meet the standard of IEC, and its rated voltage meet application requirements. For example, if the measurement of 480 v power plate, your table will be sufficient CAT Ⅲ _600V standards. This means that the watch input circuit are designed to take in such an environment the transient and does not harm to the user. Choose marked with UL, CSA, CDE, TUV table, means that the watch is not only satisfy the standard of IEC, and also through independent certification test, and meet their standard of independent testing agencies. Choose UNIT-T UT61E, buy UNIT-T UT61E, you can safe to know your car situation in real time.

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