Buy Baofeng UV-5RE To Have A Safety Communication

Walkie talkie is a two-way mobile communication tool, in the case of do not need any network support, you can call, no money, is suitable for the occasion of relatively fixed and frequently call. A good walkie talkie can guarantee the safety communication, so many people choose to buy baofeng UV-5RE.

buy baofeng UV-5REBaofeng UV-5RE is the dual band walkie talkie. It has CTCSS/DCS signal automatic search display function, A new radio, flashlight illumination function , Have U – U, V, V, U, V work function, Has the channel name edit function With double frequency intercom function, with functions of computer programming , has the voice control function, frequency, channel scanning Channel scan table editing functions. Besides, it also shortcut menu operation mode and Emergency call function. Make people to buy baofeng UV-5RE also because of its solid cover. It adopts the performance is very good PC + ABS plastic material as shell, gloss appearance is good, not easy to aging, wear and tear, durable products. It has the unique stainless steel dust flap. On the back, there is a belt clip, is to put the radio on the belt, for the sake of customer convenience, it is a removable belt clip. In appearance, strength, wear resistance, aging, etc all can well meet the requirements; Buttons used silica gel, wear resistance, not easy ageing, feel is good.

Walkie talkie in flat open barrier-free environment in range can be up to 6 km, but due to the transmission of radio waves by obstacles such as buildings, trees, Similarly, some external factors also tend to weaken the signal of phone calls scope changed also. When a network support, intercom call distance of a few tens of kilometers. In normal circumstances, Baofeng UV-5RE can reach 15 km distance of communication outdoor. Buy baofeng UV-5RE to guarantee the good quality communication.

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