Buy Baofeng UV-5RA Is The Frist Choice For The Radio Amateurs

Baofeng UV-5RA is the upgrade version of 5R, as the upgrade version, its communication distance is farther, more stable performance, double double show double-frequency double guard., dust proof and slam proof, the fans of the 5R of course will not miss to buy Baofeng UV-5RA.

The same as the former version, UV-5RA has the same functions of CTCSS/DCS signal automatic search shows, Has the radio function, Have a torch lighting function, Have U – U, V, V, U, V work function, Channel name edit function, This function has a dual band, With functions of computer programming, With voice control function , scanning frequency, channel , Channel scan table editing functions. Even so, why people will more tendency to buy Baofeng UV-5RA ? Because as the upgrade version, UV-5RA quality is more stable, stronger signal, communication distance is farther, sound quality more clearly. In addition, it also has the second generation trumpet stencil design, appearance has a class, can waterproof, prevent fall, better performance and longer service life.

buy Baofeng UV-5RAAbout the communication distance, UV-5RA is the definitely a huge progress. The communication range of the former version is about 6 kilometer, but through text, the upgrade version can reach even 10 kilometer, and the sound quality is still clear. After more than 10 kilometers to start gradually blurred. Environmental factors, of course, to a certain extent, can determine the communication distance, town is 2 ~ 5 km, can achieve 5 ~ 10 kilometers on the outskirts of plains. UV-5RA as the former version have 5 color appearance for you to select.

To be a radio amateur, you absolutely know the correct usage and attentions of to use a walkie talkie, this walkie talkie set multi functions in a suit, definitely will be the frist option of you. It is believe that you will not miss to buy Baofeng UV-5RA.

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