Bring excitement to your living room with mi tv

How do you like your tv? Over the years, people have been using the tv for various entertainment functions without much attention to details. However, with the evolution of technology, they are becoming more aware of the importance of quality in gadget purchases. As a result, individuals have developed, high expectations as to what a given brand of tv has to offer in form of resolutions, the special voice effects, the speed, the features for extra activities such as watching movies, playing games, streaming live, etc. Brands such as xiaomi come to offer exactly that. Let us have a quick look at this amazing xiaomi tv 4a.

xiaomi tv 4a

Virtually Frameless

Does the sound of slim and classy intrigue your senses? well, that is what mi tv all about; a decoration in your relaxing space. With virtually a frameless look, the super slim and chic tv takes a combination of LG and Samsung profiles to come up with the most outstanding 8.4mm features.

 xiaomi tv 4a

Box games

Mi tv is made up of a Mali-450 CPU with 8 GB memory capacity to make your gaming experience to another level. Make use of the unique Bluetooth and wireless features, and get your day exciting. Who would want an Android 6.0 tv with a USB playback option in their living room? Never try to play games on TV? Now it is time.

xiaomi tv 4a

Audio/video output

Mi Tv supports the use of Dolby stereo and DTs to give you the most amazing experience in the HDR world so you can enjoy the most real image and sound. Plan to have a home theater? Start from this.


MiTouch Remote Controller

With a ring touch design, this remote controller is a true definition of innovation. Get to flip through your favorite programmes without moving a muscle. It is so high-tech and user-friendly that you will feel so easy and convenient to use.


I have had the chance to try watching TV and streaming by the xiaomi 4a TV, and I have never been this better. From cartoons, action movies to documentaries, we are all set for a lifetime of enjoyment. Bring your families and friends to enjoy this fantastic experience together.




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