The brand of camera cleaning kit

camera cleaning kitsKinetronics has a wonderful selection of camera cleaning kits including brushes and cloths. The Kinetronics Static Wisk Anti Static Brush is the perfect tool for effectively and safely removing dust and static from such items as optics, glass,jewelry, plastics, watch and clock dials, and crystals. The Static Wisk Anti-Static Brush was originally designed to clear dust and dirt off of camera lenses. The natural hairs make it easy to sweep dust out of little holes and cracks in your gemstones. Kinetronics Anti Static Panther Cloth clears lint and other debris from any surface with its thousands of tiny pockets in the microfiber that capture dust, lint, and other particles; You can also use this cloth with a cleaning solution and it won’t change or harm the cloth. It captures minute dust and dirt particles until they sparkle.

Kinetronics is the camera cleaning kit which contains an anti-static microfiber cloth, Static Wisk anti-static brush, precision cleaning solution, and a Speck-grabber all in a convenient storage box. The Speck-grabber is a tool that was designed to remove individual contaminant particles from sensitive and delicate surfaces. The pad of the Speck-grabber is small and soft, and provides a high adhesion surface that particles are attracted to. No residue is left behind and when dirty these pads can be cleaned with a mild soap and water.

You can know more about the camera cleaning kits in this brand. Kinetronics has the perfect products for making your camera shine brilliantly. The cloths are made from polyester so you can be sure that they won’t leave any fibers or residues behind on your camera lenses. The Static Wisk Anti Static brush is made from natural hair and a conductive fiber so it’s safe to wash, too! These are quality made products that produce quality results. Kinetronics’ line of cleaning tools will ensure your gemstones are polished to perfection.

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