BQ-03 dome camera–the effective deterrent dummy surveillance monitor

A few days ago, I surfed on the websites and found one interesting product–BQ-03 dome camera. However, it is not a true security camera, and it is a dummy surveillance monitor actually. Perfectly simulating appearance that makes you mistake it as the real one. Very funny, isn’t it? And I think it may be used in the markets alike places to deterrence the thieves. Then, let me tell you something detailed.

It is designed to imitate the small, high technological security cameras. Account for making of high quality and durable plastic ABS material, it enables to mix the false with the genuine. Then, it makes an effect of stealing deterrence. Moreover, its compact and simple design allows for a quick installation. Only using two AA batteries and two screws installing then you can use it.

BQ-03 dome camera(1)
The prominent feature of BQ-03 dome camera is the flashing red LED lights. All of the item depends on this feature to imitate as a true security camera. Not only can it used in the market, it is ideal for home, office, shopping mall and other places.

BQ-03 dome camera(2)
Because BQ-03 dome camera is a fake security camera, it sells cheap at $5.4 and you can buy it in In terms of the deterrent effect, it is useful for you. If you have no enough money budget, it will be your best choice in theft prevention.

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