Boyue T61 ebook reader give you a healthy e-book reading

Some friends told me,their eyes were very tired after reading e-book by their smart-phone or tablet. Of course, those equipment like ipad air or samsung tablet, are really harmful for our eyes. It is usual that people playing their phones or tablets in the public transportation. That is really harmful when you are sitting in the running car. It is necessary for us to have a healthy e-book reading. A good reading machine can help us protect from radiation, so I often use Boyue T61 ebook reader to read the network novels, that is actually make me had a healthy reading.

Boyue T61 ebook readerAre you still using mobile phone to read e-books? Why don’t you change a reading style for your health? An e-book reader can help you to solve these problem. Nowadays, many company produce an ebook reader for people who enjoy reading, and prevent them from hurt. Boyue T61 ebook reader is one of these product. E-ink screen is seems to be suitable for reading, 6 Inch screen just like a real book that you are taking, A9 Dual Core CPU, 512M DDR3 RAM, 4GB ROM, can support this machine run fluently.

Besides, ebook reader is designed to be humanized. For example, you can see that there are 6 keys on Boyue T61 ebook reader. You can easly to turn the page wether your left hand or right hand by using both side of front and back key.

Some times, when you are take a break from work, you can come down, read a chapter of <The Count of Monte Cristo> or <The Complete Sherlock Holmes>. Put on your headphone, that is absolutely silent world that just only belong to you. In addition, if you have a habit of reading before sleeping, you can turn off all lights, Boyue T61 ebook reader will glow of softy lights, you can enjoy reading in the dark without discomfort of eyes. So, a good machine can actually change your bad reading and keep you healthy.

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