Boyue G10 2nd Ebook Reader, let you to enjoy the pleasure of reading

A Boyue G10 2nd Ebook Reader is like your den, as it let you enjoy reading. In its world, no matter what type of books you like, it can show you quickly. But also it like a book, can be put your bag when you want to read, you can take it out and enjoy reading.

Boyue G10 2nd Ebook ReaderAccording to a market research survey, it shows that there are three main reasons why people like reading by Boyue G10 2nd Ebook Reader: ebook reader can store a large number of books, low radiation, easy to carry. Of course, it is also the reason why e-book is so popular. Then we will introduce this ebook. It is equipped with 9.7-inch PVI pearl e-ink screen. Thanks to 9.7-inch giant screen, even reading PDF of scanned version, general picture can be accurately identified without amplification, is the best partner of the PDF document. It is safe to use, no flicker, no radiation, no injury of eyes for a long time and depth reading. Meanwhile, with the built-in WiFi module and three applications of network book store, you can access a number of books, free subscription news and information. Accessing the internet, a wide range of information sources you can get.

For a good e-book, the system interface should be unique. The main interface of Boyue G10 2nd Ebook Reader uses a bookshelf design, seems to be moved your bookshelf in your home into the electronic screen. Its interface is very intuitive and simple for users, very easy to get started. In the terms of display, since e-ink screen can only display that was black and white, can not compare with LCD screen. But it is very fine in the text display, and text edges are bot felling a little glitch. It closes to the paper, gives you outstanding reading experience. In addition, the use of -book reader can effectively reduce paper waste and protect the trees from cutting. Such portable “book”, how about put in your bag?

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