Boyue G10 2nd eBook Reader Is The Most Practical

As an ebook reader, how important for the size of the screen? It is afraid that only users know. If the screen is not big enough, the display will be not clear, even it can be zoom in, but it need to keep moving then can watch the whole content. It will be inconvenience and tired in reading. The appearance of Boyue G10 2nd eBook Reader help the reading lovers get rid of these troubles from small size screen, and its 9.7 inch huge screen and simple design make it get a good reputation in the users.

Boyue G10 2nd Ebook ReaderBoyue G10 2nd eBook Reader is the update version of G10, it almost inherited all the advantages of G10, at the same time, it also make a big progress in operating and functions. G10 2nd built in wifi mode, added three new network applications, can visit many book cities, free subscribe news, search Internet and gain more useful resource from a more wider platform. Because of using intelligent energy-saving system and the new refresh technology, G10 2nd has been strengthen in operating speed and standby. Through the coordination of multiple refresh modes, make you have a smooth reading enjoyment. equipped with ARM9 600MHz processor, the operating speed is quicker than G10. Supports effect of priority and speed of priority and other refresh modes, are fit for different kinds of reading.

Boyue G10 2nd eBook Reader adopts a 9.7 inch E-ink screen, the resolution is up to 825*1200, level 16 gray-scale, shows the paper effect. Using in safe, can avoid the harm from radiation. It will not flicker, no radiation, really suitable for long-time reading and reading in depth. Built-in wifi mode, users can visit many hot book cities domestic and overseas after connected the signal.

In addition, Boyue G10 2nd eBook Reader also support various of text formatting. Such as TXT, EPUB, PDF, FB2, HTML/HTM, PDB, RTF, MOBI, DJVU/DJV, CHM, RAR, ZIP, DOC/DOCX, PPT, XLS, PRC, TCR and so on. For satisfied the demand that can reserve more books, Boyue G10 2nd eBook Reader built in 4 GB internal storage, can biggest extend 16 GB TF card. Then, G10 2nd is able to reserve thousands of books, it is really as well as a portable library.

For build a nice reading atmosphere, Boyue G10 2nd eBook Reader adopts Wolfson decoding chip, not only supports MP3、WMA、OGG and other common Music Format, also support to play WAV ape flac. Any interface can open the player, also can play at the back, let the favorite music come along with you all the time.

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