Boyue G10 2nd eBook Reader Comfort Your Eyes

Boyue G10 2nd eBook Reader adopted a ultra huge 9.7 inch E-ink screen, it will provide comfortable feeling in reading, at the same time, it also has the advantage with energy saving low consumption, let users can get rid of the trouble for charge frequently.

Boyue G10 2nd eBook Reader carries the domestic first 9.7 -inch large E ink screen, 825 x 1200 pixel resolution for more clear text display, the user read good comfort, read for a long time is no harm to eyesight. Giant screen more visual wallop, eyes also will be more comfortable. Health, environmental protection is the greatest advantages of e-book. Its 9.7 inch giant screen lets PVI pearl ink screen performance better, also make the advantages of e-book to the largest. Consumers of giant screen been sceptical, consider more is whether the portability and can single hand operation. When the bag has become necessary to go out, people won’t care put one more thing into bag. For indoor reading, portability is not considered. In terms of operation, people gradually give up one-handed operation of old ideas, both hands operation is also enjoy.

Boyue G10 2nd eBook ReaderAlthough the 4G network has not yet universal, but we have become accustomed to the existence of wifi and 3G networks. Now, not only mobile phone popularity wireless network, connect with electricity paper books can also enjoy the wifi brought convenient. Boyue G10 2nd eBook Reader built in wifi module, increasing network 3 dah sing applications, access to many books, free to subscribe to news and information, access to the Internet, information sources more widely.

Boyue G10 2nd eBook Reader mainly includes the e-book reading, music playback, image browsing, network applications, electronic dictionaries, and other functions. In terms of e-book reading, not only can the location of the real-time memory last time reading, still can real-time displaying the progress of reading. In addition, on the e-book reading, expect to text display effect is better, in terms of turning pages, the refresh speed of G10 2nd is faster, compared to many other electronic ink display products, performance is much good.

Boyue G10 2nd eBook Reader built in music playback function, can at the same time of watch e-books, let users can enjoy the music. The unexpected thing is, although it is only an ebook, but it did a very good job on the music playback sound quality, compared to the general MP3, much good.

As a whole, the functions of Boyue G10 2nd eBook Reader are complete on every format support, different users can according to the different reading of his be fond of reading.

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