Bluetooth Headphones: Complete Overview

Bluetooth headphones have become status symbols no more. They have become necessary commodities for modern life. The appearance on the market of many brands and models have given rise to healthy competition, resulting in lower prices that effectively make such headphones more and more difficult to ignore by many people.

Bluetooth headphone

Over-the-ear VS On-the-ear Bluetooth headphones

Over-the-ear Bluetooth Headphones
Over-the-head headphones use Bluetooth, so they also do not require wires. They are placed atop your head and are fastened using a band. The band varies from slim metal bands to wide foam- or rubber-made headphone bands. The sound goes out the part covering your ears like earmuffs. They can be placed in their cradle when not in use and can function as desktop speakers.
If you are more into the quality of the sound, you should opt for the over-the-head headphones. They usually feature sound surround quality audio and noise canceling capability. Over-the-head Bluetooth  headphones are typically used mostly by video or audio editors, recording artists, gamers, film watchers, and disc jockeys. You can prefer this if you use it at home or at a recording studio. It is bulky to look at but is very functional and provides a higher sound quality and capacity than an on-the-ear bluetooth headphone.
On-the-ear Bluetooth Headphones
On-the-ear Bluetooth headphones are placed on the ear opening. They can be used by clipping or fitting the earphone buds to the ear opening. These kinds are usually less bulky than the over-the-head headphones. Since these use Bluetooth technology, there are no wires used for connectivity.
These kinds of headphones are typically used by people usually when taking calls on the go. Because people would want to multitask, they take calls while shopping, cooking, walking, doing the dishes, changing diapers, or doing anything else. On-the-ear headphones actually complement the Bluetooth technology that they use. While the Bluetooth technology allows you connectivity even if you are meters away from the source, an on-the-ear headphone allows you to take hands-free calls. It gives your hands freedom to do other things while talking to someone over the phone.
You can also multitask while exercising and listening to music with an on-the-ear Bluetooth headset. Music does get you more into your aerobic routines, or simply just to provide you with a fast beat that you can move with. If you are doing some meditation, music from your on-the-ear headphone sets the right mood and atmosphere.
On-the-ear headphones would not complicate your look. If you are in the office, it would look like an ear accessory, unlike over-the-head headphones that band around your head. On-the-ear headphones are almost unnoticeable and are not distracting to look at.

Again, your choice of style or design will depend on your intended use for your Bluetooth headphones, so make sure that you are clear beforehand about your purpose before you make any choice. At both kinds of bluetooth headphones are affordable at affordable rates.

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