Bluedio M3 headphone: music sport Bluetooth headset

Yesterday, my earphone broken, so I had to buy a new one. I searched the websites and then found a lovely music sport Bluetooth headset–Bluedio M3 headphone. Therefore, I wanna share something for you.
Bluedio M3 headphoneJust as the pictures show you, its design is special, which is designed in horns catheter style. It is a type of in-cannal earbuds 4th generation, which fits your ears perfectly, brings you comfortable user experience and you can wear them all day long. What’ s more, there is optional in ear size, small, middle and large size are included, which helps to keep the earbuds in your ears and it will not be lost when you do the sports, very humane design.
Bluedio M3 headphoneIn addition to the comfortable wearing design, it also has crystal clear sound. With the excellent superior analytical capabilities in music soundtrack, it offers you amazing enjoyment in listening the music. Then, just as the picture on the right side shows, its built-in Mic can be used for clear phone calls, which makes you never miss a call when enjoying the music you love.
Bluedio M3 headphoneAt last, I have to say is the Bluetooth connection function of Bluedio M3 headphone. Built with the V4.1 Bluetooth function, you can do a remote control in it, up to 32 feet away from. Moreover, it is ultra-low power which doubles playtime to a solid 7 hours in such a function.
Bluedio M3 headphoneAll in all, Bluedio M3 headphone is a remarkable product for me, which fits my smart phone very much. I like its Bluetooth function and high clear sound, no matter to say its humane and scientific appearance design. I’ m certainly believed that you are the same feeling when you use it.

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