Bluedio I6 Headset Providing You With Lossless Sound

Today i came across a product, the Bluedio i6 headset. Unlike other Bluetooth headset, this one comes with really high-end look. It is a mini headset with the size of 101*47*200mm, which you attach to your clothes with little clip.
Bluedio i6 headsetThe OLED display it comes with can show you the caller ID, the energy. Using the brand new 4.1 Bluetooth, the Bluedio i6 headset can provide you with the strengthened data transformation, agile and smooth operation as well as stable signals. This headset is completely compatible with the IOS, Android and Microsoft OSs. And it fit for 4G network.

With the advanced DSP noise-reduction technology, no matter where you are, you can get ultra-clear voice from this headset during phone calling. You can form the strong stereo system by wiring the i6 with your loud speaker. After successful pairing of your cellphone, tablet or notebook with the i6, then you can play any song you like. You can play music from Internet or local files.
Bluedio i6 headsetThe i6 adopts the Bluetooth4.1 chip with super-low power consumption, and optimization to the circuit design, bringing you five-hour song playing and 6-hour calling. There are voice prompt for you in Chinese, French, English and Spanish. Pressing the multi-functional button and “-”button at the same time, you can change the language. This feature is really good especially when you don’t realize the call is coming in.

This Bluedio i6 headset supports pairing with two mobile devices at the same time, and the pairing is really fast within the available area. You can pair it with two cellphones at the same time, so that you won’t miss any calls. You won’t be disappointed with lossless 4K HD audio and binaural stereo ear type HIFI HD audio.
Bluedio i6 headsetHere is a little video to show you this headset:

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