Blitzwolf BW-VP1: The LCD Projector Masterpiece


BliztzWolf is a company that started in mid-2015 with straightforward, striking ideas: make what clients truly need not exactly what they need. Their boundless enthusiasm for innovation and constant quest for development drives us to convey historic new advances and energy in manners that no one but BlitzWolf can. Their answers are famous for their notable ergonomic structure, unique cost, and superior. Trusted by numerous clients around the globe, BlitzWolf keeps on making items with solid quality that rouses, yet in addition, it rises above geology, customs, and societies.

 Blitzwolf bw vp1 projector

The Design and display

The Blitzwolf BW-VP1 LCD Projector is a projector that appears to be like a large portion of the projectors in the market. where it varies is, as far as compactness. The projector is simply 7cm thick and just weighs 1.1Kgs. In this way, it effectively fits in your sacks, and going with it is very issue-free.

The projector has a focal point on the front, which comes secured with a focal point top (lens cap). The front essence of the projector additionally incorporates an IR recipient and Blitzwolf marking directly underneath it. A little part of the top highlights reflects the completed surface, which accompanies control fastens on it. In any case, since you additionally gain a remote power with it, you may not utilize those control fastens that often. There are likewise two handles on the highest point of the focal point: one of them lets the client alter the cornerstone though the other one is to change the core interest. Likewise, you get all the network ports on the right. There’s likewise a flame broil close by, which gives dynamic cooling to the projector. Just in the event that you are pondering, there is a force jack, speaker, and another IR recipient on the back.

blitzwolf bw vp1

Since it’s a light projector, you can likewise mount it on a tripod. Furthermore, for that, you get a devoted gap on the base. Close by that, you get another gap for altering screw with which you can modify points on the projector screen.

Picture quality

The Blitzwolf BW-VP1 is a long-toss projector, whose projection size can be shifted from 28-inch to 100-inch by fluctuating the projection good ways from 1m-3m. So, it tends to be convenient in a wide assortment of circumstances.

The projector utilizes an LCD board with a LED light of 75-watts. So not at all like the majority of the DLP projectors, it won’t have a shading ghosting impact. This projector has a light existence of 50,000 hours. It has a local goal of 720p with help for Full-HD content.

On the off chance that the review separation is equivalent or more than the Retina separation, you won’t notice any kind of pixelation and the image looks consistent.

With regard to hues, I found the projector rather great. Despite the fact that the projector isn’t HDR empowered, hues were near nature. In any case, you have to utilize it in dull rooms to see it since the splendor of the light is only 1800 lumens. So, ensure you pull the blinds before viewing the films or beginning an introduction.


There is a VGA port, an HDMI port, a USB port, an AV port, and a 3.5mm sound yield. Utilizing the VGA or HDMI port, you can interface this projector with your PC and use it as a major screen. Utilizing the HDMI link, you can likewise associate the gaming comforts like PlayStation and Xbox and Play games on it. This projector can likewise be utilized as a TV elective.

Notwithstanding that, there is a USB-Type-A port. So connecting your Thumb Drive or even your cell phone with an OTG link, you can grandstand your media substance in a hurry.

In any case, the projector just peruses content records and not the Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents.

In any case, as an afterthought note, you can at present play tunes, motion pictures, and photographs, which I surmise is a component to treasure.



There is a 4-watt speaker framework inbuilt inside the projector. Running it on full volume, the sound yield is generally adequate for a little gathering of individuals. In any case, at higher volumes, the sound generally contorts.

The cooling fans likewise make some clamor, which is exceptionally observable while playing content on low volumes. In this way, on the off chance that you need to stifle the clamor level and improve the sound quality, you ought to get a different speaker framework, which delivers uproarious and rich sound yield.


Depicts great hues

Genuinely compact

Offers the best incentive for cash


Low resolution

Low and dim contrast ratio

Sound quality could have been an exceptional incentive for cash


The Blitzwolf BW-VP1 projector has really impressed a lot of customers with it depicts great hues, genuinely compact, and offers the best incentive for cash. At this LCD projector is sold at an inexpensive price

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