Blackview Hero 1/Hero 2 give you colorful shooting experiences

I’m going to take graduation photos next month, so recently i had looked for a suitable camera to use at that time. When i was browsing Banggood website, i was soon attracted by the Blackview Hero 1/ Hero 2( they are very similar, so i put them together to introduce). They are probably the tiniest sports video camera in the world and own various functions. I’ll share more about them in the followings.
Blackview Hero 2 reviewMy main purpose is to take graduations photos, and i definitely believe Blackview Hero 1/Hero 2 can help me to do the best. They equip with a 170 degree wide angle lens so that we can capture all-in-view image. Pixel is guaranteed. It offers 12M pixel photos that is 4 times sharper than normal, and you can know exactly the difference from the picture below.

The WIFI function will surely bring us much fun! With the built-in WIFI wireless module, i can freely take graduation photos and shoot video, and easily share them online with my smartphone.
But i think it would be a pity if Blackview Hero 1/Hero 2 are only used to take ordinary pictures , just like other common cameras, because they have other fabulous functions that are deserved to be applied on more suitable occasions. For example, the built-in electronic anti-shaky system allows people to shoot objectives in high-speed movement, so this camera is perfect for outdoor extreme sports.
Blackview Hero 2It is also possible for us to shoot under water with Blackview Hero 1 or Blackview Hero 2. The enclosed professional water proof box is made of extremely transparent plastic material with high strength, featuring perfect waterproof performance, excellent high&low temperature resistance and shockproof function, which can bring us a excellent performance with water.

In addition, it is no longer a dream to enjoy spectacular scenery from the sky. Blackview Hero 1/ Hero 2 is available to cooperate with UAV. A professional connecting device designed on the body of Blackview Hero 1 and Hero 2, which helps to connect the sports DV with a UAV firmly, so we can capture the breath taking image in our mind freely. With easy to use and high performance, it can be mounted on a bicycle, skateboard or any type of helmet.
Blackview Hero 2Blackview Hero 1 and Hero 2 are portable, multi-functional offering high definition, which are gorgeous. Apart from taking graduation pictures, i will make full use of other wonderful functions.

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