Best Screwdriver Set – BEST 8800C Screwdriver Set

When you’re looking at screwdrivers it can all become a bit of a blur trying to differentiate between each style and decide which one is right for the job. The truth is that each style and shape has its own purpose and the best way to cover the spread is to buy a set of quality screwdrivers. The best screwdriver set should include both slotted and Phillips style screwdrivers at the very least. Every last tool in the set should be made from the same quality of material and with the same attention to detail. There should be no extra junk thrown in to round out the set or make it appear bigger and more useful than it is. Lastly, the set should include a good range of sizes and shapes to cover many different jobs. The following set, BEST 8800C Screwdriver Set that I have chosen for you below will meet each of the above criteria and beyond. Pick it and I can promise you’ll be getting a great set of tools to star your collection right or take an old collection to the next step.
BEST 8800C Screwdriver SetHere comes the BEST 8800C Screwdriver Set.

Model Number : 8800C
Size : 142mm
Type : Mini Screwdriver
Color : Black Handle
BEST 8800C Screwdriver Set BEST 8800C Screwdriver Set
A basic screwdriver will do the job, but you’ll never want to go back to basics after using one of these. These screwdrivers of BEST 8800C Screwdriver Set are comfortable in the hand thanks to a well-shaped and sturdy handle with rounded edges that is fastened very solidly to the shank. A hex bolster gives you the extra oomph you need and the tips have been textured to provide extra grip when engaging the fastener. I think the little palm screwdrivers are superfluous, but they are nice to throw in the truck for on the go repairs.BEST 8800C Screwdriver Set

Torx screw driver : T3, T4, T5, T6
Cross screw driver : PH000, PH00, PH0
Straight screw driver : 2.0
Y Screw Driver : 2.5
Star Screw Driver : 1.5

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