Benbox laser engraving machine, an amazing DIY equipment

Do you like to design some patterns and want them to be the pictures of your personal belongings? If your answer is yes, I would like to tell you a good news that Benbox laser engraving machine will satisfy your desire. It is a wonderful laser engraving machine which can carve yourself designing pattern with a perfect effect. Next, let me introduce you this type of machine.
Benbox laser engraving machineThe appearance of Benbox laser engraving machine is mini, what’ s more, so cute and delicate. This machine is equipped with 300mW 405nm laser module, great configuration brings you better DIY experience. In addition to, its engraving area is 8*8cm, wider place gives you more room to put your artistic works.

For me, I’ m very like the Benbox laser engraving machine, because its controlling software has various functions, which satisfies all your need in your carving. Such as, gray scale printing, low-light positioning and freedom positioning functions, what’ s more, it also can adjust laser power and burning time, very suitable for the freshman to operate this machine.
Benbox laser engraving machineHowever, I want to tell you is that not all the material can be carved by the Benbox laser engraving machine. It just can engrave such the materials, wood, bamboo, plastic, paper, leather, bank card and rubber. You should pay attention to this and then if you operate this machine 30 minutes overtime, please pause 3-5 minutes, and you can protect the machine better.
Benbox laser engraving machineIn summary, Benbox laser engraving machine is an easy operating machine for the DIY enthusiasts, especially the amateurs. If you want your belongings with yourself unique symbol, this machine will be your best choice. You can use it to DIY your phone package, a picture, or an individuality wooden masterpiece. With it, you can easily make all these come true.

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