Beelink X2 tv box provides you a smart home media entertainment center

Beelink X2 tv box reviewToday, more and more people like to install a TV box at home, nor  because it can offers more TV programs, but because it can be used as an entertainment equipment. By the way, I wanna introduce you one type of TV box, called Beelink X2 tv box. I think it will bring you amazing user experience.

At your first sight, you will be appreciate its appearance design. Slim 17.5mm body thickness and special power button design will attract your eyesight. Besides, it has various ports, 2 standard USB ports, one DC in jack, one HDMI slot, one SPDIF, RJ45 and Micro SD card slot, meeting all your need in commands.

What’ s more, Beelink X2 tv box supports 3840*2160(4K*2K) UHD watching effect that you can enjoy high quality movies and play games with clearer images. No matter to say its 1GB DDR3 RAM plus 8GB eMMC flash ROM, making 3 times overall performance increase and bringing you more smoothly in playing games and watching movies. With it, you can make a smart home media entertainment center, watching movies, visiting websites, doing video chat, all of these are available.

In concluded, Beelink X2 tv box will be your pretty good choice in the family media equipment. Regardless watching movies, playing games or other home entertainments,  it will meet all of your need. I’ m sure that you will not be regret that to own such a small box with various functions.

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