BAOFENG UV-82 – A Great Radio Walkie Talkie

BAOFENG UV-82 Walkie TalkieThis is my first Chinese HT, and i must admit that my expectations were not that high. I was extremely pleasantly surprised at this radio. Right out of the box, the BAOFENG UV-82 felt solid and tight with just enough heft to let you know this is a serious radio. It is not military spec, but it is probably much more durable than your cell phone. If you take care of it, it will last.

I get excellent battery life and really have only needed to charge it once per week at the most(with somewhat light use). Performance has been stellar. I am able to get into our local repeater which is at least 15 miles away with decent(though not perfect)audio reports using only the stock duck antenna. I can also get into the repeater of the neighboring county, also with only the stock duck. The built-in FM radio is not bad either.
BAOFENG UV-82 Radio Walkie TalkieAbout programming the BAOFENG UV-82, it is not all that difficult to program manually. I think it just seems difficult based on the poorly-written manual. The Miklor site has an excellent guide, and once you run through it a few times, programming becomes easy and intuitive. It is certainly not as impossible as some reviewers would have you believe.
BAOFENG UV-82 Radio Walkie Talkie BAOFENG UV-82 Radio Walkie Talkie
I am very happy with this radio, and i think that it is actually worth more than the price i paid for it based on performance and build.

BAOFENG UV-82 Walkie Talkie Specs:

BAOFENG UV-82 Radio Walkie TalkieFrequency Range:136-174MHZ and 400-520MHZ (TX/RX)
Channel No.:128
Frequency Stability:±2.5ppm
Antenna:High gain DualBand  antenna
Antenna Impedance:50
Operating Voltage:DC 7.4V
Mode of operation:Simple or semi-duplex
Antenna:SMA -Female
Earpiece / mic type:Kenwood Plug type
Dimension(W x H x D):132 x 60 x 35 mm (not included antenna)
Weight:238g(including battery, antenna)
Input:AC100-240V, 50-60Hz;
Plug Type:EU/US plug charger and AU/UK adaptors all available

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