Baofeng UV-5RA, Give You A Clear Communication

baofeng uv-5raDo you like traveling? Are you a tour pal? Will you worried about that could not contract your companions at that time because of the bad signal? Baofeng UV-5RA let you to have a very clear communication even in the bad signal area.

It is not only support UV double show double stay and UU or VV double stay. LCD have the dual frequency display function. Bangfeng UV-5RA also have flashlight, dual-band intercom, voice control, frequency and channel Scanning and other prominent functions.

Meanwhiles, use interphone correctly is necessary. Keep the interphone in a vertical position when it working, and keep the receiver and the mouth of 2.5 to 5 cm distance, intercom at least 2.5 cm away from the head or body. Don’t Switch for many times in the process of use, adjust the volume to fit your audio volume at the same time. Even baofeng UV-5RA has steel mesh to protect,  waterproof and crushing. But, interphone also need to regular maintenance if you want it has a longer service life. After using for a long time, the buttons, control knob and casing of the interphone are easy to become dirty. Please remove the control knob from the interphone, and use the neutral detergent and stupe to clean the casing. Light to take and put intercom, not portable mobile radio antenna. When not in use of headphones and other accessories, please cover dust cover.

Bangfeng UV-5RA be appropriate for many place, like urban and rural, coteau, site, hotel, property, road, outing and clearing. You can buy a soft case for walkie talkie while you buy one. Cover a soft case, let your interphone wear well and easy to carry. According to individual be fond of carry, also can adjusted shoulder length. Its 5 w transmission frequency can meet most of the user’s requirements, it will not become a burden to you when you are self-driving travel and mountain climbing wading.

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