Baofeng UV-5R, The Frist Choice Of Car Club

baofeng UV-5RNowadays, there are same appearance with the appearance of different brand of walkie Talkies in the market. Even their work hard, still trapped on single stage double show. As a member of car club, it is definitely can not meet the demand. But , Baofeng UV-5R have UV double period of double show and alternative color, it is a high power UV double period of machine, also the progress of science and technology. Hold your heart at any time.

Baofeng UV-5R have many unique functions. High and low power switch. Each channel power can adjust frequency by writing software, when the communication range is small, can be converted into low power, to save battery power. Emergency alarm. In an emergency , immediately will send out alarm to maximum volume. In addition, it also can be hidden identity code or background notice partners to rescue. Squelch. Strict filtering excessive background noise and make the walkie talkie keep silent when not received signal, eliminate noise, guarantee the quality. Monitor function. Can listen hard to hear the faint sound of during normal operation, and can when no signal, using volume control knob to adjust the volume. VOX function. Without the PTT button, open the voice control functions can call, very suitable for some special cases, the user’s hands are occupied. Of course the functions of UV-5R not just these, it also have other charming functions like Channel Scan, BCLO OFF, etc.

Baofeng UV-5R is a kind of double stage, double frequency, double multifunctional walkie talkie. Performance is outstanding, the outward appearance fashion, recognition is very high, is a cost-effective double segment LCD interphone. With a variety of color, meet fashion lovers. With this walkie talkie, I will not worry any more while my car broke down in where or if I want to know the traffic.

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