BAOFENG K35 Radio Review

Communication during a an emergency between yourself and your loved ones is pivotal to such an extent that it nearly abandons saying, yet have you thought about what you would do if the telephone or web went down?

It doesn’t take a major stretch to envision it as these sorts of things happen constantly.

However not very many individuals we’ve worked with have any genuine arrangement for reinforcement neighborhood correspondences.

That is practically insane when you consider that for under $30 you can get a gadget which will permit you to associate with your nearby local area, hear extreme climate cautions, get incrementally refreshes on what the crisis responders are doing, and if need be, even call for help.

The Baofeng K35 radio is unique since it costs a simple $26 (or less). Most contending handheld radios from different brands are evaluated at around $129 to as much as $600, and that is without embellishments. The beneficial thing about this radio is that the cost additionally incorporates embellishments. Could a $26 radio do as great of a task as the more costly ones? We should discover


The Design

The Boafeng K35 radio weigh about 420g and has a size of
130×50×34 mm. There is only one color of this radio available and that is black. The build is quite solid and comfortable to hold.

Double Band, not Dual Watch

Most double band radios from Japanese companies will likewise incorporate the capacity to utilize what is called double watch. Double watch permits you to tune to 2 frequencies and screen them simultaneously. I regularly will do this multiple occasions during the year. During climate occasions, I may screen both the climate net recurrence and the ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) repeater in the event that they actuate. This is a helpful component, and these BOAFENG radios aren’t actually equipped for this.

They are double band, however they don’t have a genuine double watch. You can tune in to two repeaters all the while, yet in the event that one is dynamic and the other gets dynamic, you won’t hear it. Additionally, when a channel is dynamic, the radio changes the push to converse with that band. So while you might need to communicate on the inactive one, you will not have the option to. While this isn’t a major issue for any radio, it’s not ideal. What I do is turn the double watch include off and just screen one recurrence. This by and large functions admirably, yet on the off chance that you need a genuine double watch, this radio isn’t for you.


Programming this radio through the keypad isn’t for everyone. Indeed, I’ve never really done it from the keypad, and I suggest you don’t all things considered. Simply buy the USB cable and download a programming software for Windows, Linux, or Mac, and go through that for setting the radio. The link accompanies programming, however it’s not in any manner easy to understand, as I would see it. I would possibly utilize the included programming on the off chance that you need to set this up for the business band. The most awesome aspect about some of these software is that it’s open-source programming, and it supports the Baofeng as well as other radios also. In the event that you end up having one of those as of now, I’d check it out. If not, the link can be had for as low as $8.

Programming the Baofeng K35 radio is in reality lovely simple when utilizing a PC. You simply connect the link, press the leave button while you turn the radio on, and afterward tell the programming software to download the radio’s configuration. At that point you’ll alter the design and utilize similar strides to put the new setup on, this time advising trill to send the arrangement to the radio. Now and then it takes me numerous endeavors to get the thing customized, yet I can for the most part make it work. A few hams have changed the link, so it works better, and I most likely will do that or get an alternate link soon; fortunately you don’t program the radio each day, so tinkering with it once at regular intervals is feasible.


The Boafeng K35 is powered by a 1800mAh Li-ion battery that guarantees you 4-6 hours talk time.


The Boafeng K35 radio comes with a charger to power the battery when it runs down. A belt clip to hold the radio in place on your belt and also comes with a user’s manual just incase you need some guide on how to use it.




Comfortable to hold

Good battery life

Can cover a distance of 1M to 3KM


No dual watch

Difficult to program using keypad


This radio is good value for money because it can provide you with the communication you need and its affordable. Get yours today at which is the global leading online shop; buy good on Banggood.

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