BaoFeng BF-UV6, dual band radio walkie talkie

BaoFeng BF-UV6 is one kind of radio walkie talkie which has dual band function, bringing you stable and reliable operation. Also, it has other advantages and I will tell you something detailed next. If you are interested in it, then you should read as follows.
BaoFeng BF-UV6 reviewThe prominent feature of it is the dual band dual standby and it takes two different kinds of frequency ranges, one is the 400 to 470MHZ UHF and another is the 136 to 174MHz VHF. When you use it, you can choose to adjust it in same frequency single operation or different frequency single operation. By the way, its mamory channel is 128ch and relaying signals is 1750Hz.
BaoFeng BF-UV6What’ s more, BaoFeng BF-UV6 has other advantages, such as, VOX function, which offers you clear sound in working, busy lockout function, scanning function, monitor function, wire clone function, Chinese and English voice prompt, etc.
BaoFeng BF-UV6In terms of its using time, account for being equipped with 2,000mAh Li-ion battery, so it has a long time standby, up to 120 hours. Besides, it takes a small size 126 x 35 x 59 mm (Not Antenna ) and light weight 210 grams, with a clamp design, it is portable and convenient for you to carry out.

In concluded, BaoFeng BF-UV6 is a portable dual band radio walkie talkie, which processes various useful and practical functions. If you are interested in it, you can buy it from

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