Banggood APP: less spending but more fun

Banggood updated its APP according to the customer’s needs. Banggood APP in 7.14.0 version has just been released on December,21,2020. With the updated having-fun function,like slash deal, group buy, 0.01$ snatch and more, you will have more fun but less cost while shopping.

More compact information

The Bangood APP page is more compact than PC one. You will come to the home page directly when you open the APP. What comes into your eyes first is the current promotion activity banners and five hot categories: group buy, coupons, game, snatch and slash. You could know all discounts or budget deals just at a glance.

If you scroll down, there will be recommended items according to your viewing or searching history, you may find something that you are interested in among them.

On the category page, you could check all categories at the same time. If you click into a specific category, you will see the pictures of hot products or new arrival under the category, which may help you to make your decision if you do not know which one you should buy.

On the account page, you could view all of your orders and know your real-time order status. Besides, you will find your account wallet there, including points and BGpay, which reminds you to exchange the point or BGpay in time. You could easily find after-sale service on the account page as well, such as return/repair, reviews, contact customer service, and settings, so the help from Banggood will be much easier to be accessed.


Honest feedback from other buyers

Whenever we buy online, we always want to know what the item exactly looks like in reality. The Feed page in Banggood APP is exactly the page to meet such needs. On this page, you will see other buyer’s honest reviews and the real photo of the items they bought. There are also some live videos for products review. You could find actual detailed product information here.


More fun ways to save more

Get it free

Banggood offer various items for slash deal, you could get them free or at a low price. When you create a slash deal, you could invite your friend to slash it to $0.00, and then you could get the item free. If you want to get the item at the lowest price, you could go to Get it Below Cost, you could invite your friends to slash it. When the item is unlocked, you could buy it at an incredibly low price. For all slash deal, you only need to pay $0.01 for the shipping.

Group Buy

There is one more way to save your money, that is to join a group. If you are interested in a product, you could create a group and invite your friends to join in, when there are 2 participants in the group, the item will be unlocked at a lower price, or you could simply join any existing group. There is one thing that should be paid attention to, that is if there is an item with a new user tag, it requires all the group members should be Banggood APP new users.

$0.01 snatch

Similar to the two modes mentioned above, it also requires inviting others to join your team and pay their orders successfully, when the team members meet the required numbers, your team will have a chance for the lucky draw. If you make it, you and your team members could get the item at only $0.01, the rest payment will be refunded to the BGpay account.

Get 10% off

If you are a new Banggood APP user, you could get a 10% off coupon for your first order. But if you are not a new user, you could invite your friends who haven’t registered Banggood APP yet, after their successful register, you will get a 10% coupon as well.



Banggood design a money box game in the APP. The more you play, the more BG-cash you will win. Except for having fun, you could use BG-cash to exchange free products and coupons.

With more discount coupons and deal games, you will get more fun but at less cost. Unlock more money-saving shopping on Banggood APP now.

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