Auto flip clock, giant big number display with 12 hours scale

auto flip clock reviewDo you need a digital clock, which is useful and decorative? If your answer is yes, I think this item–auto flip clock will shock you. Then, let me introduce you some details.

At your first sight of it, you may misunderstand it as a scoreboard. Actually, it is a digital clock with a vintage exterior and giant big number display. Special design it owns. Besides, it was made of stainless steel and plastic material and its size is 20*10*16cm.

The following pictures are the detailed showings. The picture on the left side shows the time calibration method, in other words, adjusting the rotating button on the right sight of it. While the picture on the right side shows you the place of battery supply, removing the cover and you can change the battery.

auto flip clock is easy in using and watching the time. On the left side shows the hours(12-hour display) while the right side shows the minutes. Stand desk design is benefit for you to place in anywhere. But pay attention to that it is without the alarm function.
auto flip clock review
In concluded, in terms of clock and decoration item, auto flip clock is an interesting and funny product you should own. And if you wanna buy it, you need to prepare one D size battery for it is not flip clock review

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