The Assessment Of Baofeng UV-5RE

Baofeng UV-5RE with an unique appearance, short but powerful antenna, the detail and do not break in rugged appearance, feel is good keys. Button is clear, but the printing on the surface, let people worry about that after long-term use can have a rusted-out phenomenon. General design and do not break any innovation in the quadrature in the compasses. The unique stainless steel dust shields, make the protection more comprehensive

Baofeng UV-5REBaofeng UV-5RE is UV double period to send and receive letters machine, the handheld radio frequencies are generally FM modulation, U period of 400-470 MHz frequency, V period of 136-174 MHz frequency, because of the V section in the attenuation in the city is very big, and U is a good way to penetrate the building in the city, so the test only U section of frequency, period of frequency test again next time you’re into the wilderness. Besides, this interphone also have FM radio function, through the measured, FM radio function will receive many interference, is not nearly as with professional radio, but better than nothing, it’s better than no radio to listen to. The function of the LED lights in domestic product also is one of the standard. All frequency/channel mode switch is very convenient, has a special button. Thanks to a monochrome 64 * 32 screen, the menu can show the name of the option, can make the beginner more familiar with the operation of the machine, in general, operation more convenient.

In addition, it also have the flashlight and emergency call and other function. Above all, even Baofeng UV-5RE still have some parts need to improve, but with the development of the domestic interphones, it must will be more and more perfect, and more satisfy the public’s demand. In conclusion, it is still the product that worth to choose.

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