Artillery Sidewinder X1 Upgrades

Some say that this machine is good in its stock configuration but others will always want to squeeze some performance. Before you add the Sidewinder X1 upgrades ensure that you get accustomed to your printer and everything runs properly. That’s an easier way to shoot any issue after performing any upgrade.

Sidewinder X1

Sidewinder X1 Paid Upgrades

TFT35 V3.0 Touchscreen Upgrade

The TFT35 V3.0 is the most Sidewinder X1 upgrades that allow the user to switch between the default Marlin Firmware click interface and the touchscreen interface.  Apart from that, it adds the M600 command that allows the Side winter to do changes to do with the filaments at any specific heights. Having a possibility of having a screen with the Wi-Fi module will help you upload the G-Code through the network and a connection of the basic printer terminal interface that made it possible to the ESP3D. TFT35 is regarded as the best sidewinder X1 upgrades that are currently available.

SKR V1.3 or SKR V1.4 Board upgrade

This is recommended to the sidewinder X1 upgrade with a 32- Bit bit board like the SKR 1.4, SKR 1.3, and many more functions that can be added in the future trough Marlin Firmware updates. You are also optioned to use the stepper driver eg the original board or upgrade to the newer driver. Comparing the newer SKR 1.4 and the SKR 1.3, the newer SKR 1.4    will have extra features that are supported for a long time and has a possibility of running Due Firmware on it.

Polycarbonate V-Slot Wheels

There were a lot of complaints that these wheels are not moving smoothly and they started to disintegrate. This issue leads to some layer inconsistencies on the prints. Now, after the upgrade, the bed is moving smoother. The sidewinder can help you have a layer inconsistency considering the low price and the rough movements.

BMG Extruder

A Titan Aero extruder is used on the sidewinder which does its job very fine. Though, it has some drawbacks that can be fixed with a BMG extruder. Two gears grip the filament from both sides of the filament path is a bit more constricted. You are also told to use the regular BMG extruder that you will have to install a hotend which you can simply use the stock volcano heat block.

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