Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D Printer Kit Review

Artillery, a Shenzhen-based 3D printer maker (that likewise seems to promote its printers under the Evnovo brand) drives its arrangement with the Artillery Sidewinder X1, an enormous desktop 3D printer, that brags topline highlights like a tough chassis, direct drive extruder framework, and a major, quick-warming print bed.

While all were available on the past Sidewinder X1 machines, the most recent is supposed to be the one. So let us look more closely that what this machine offers.

The Design

The Artillery Sidewinder X1 is one of the innumerable Creality CR-10-style printers that surfaced after the enormous success of the model. Be that as it may, the Sidewinder X1 is definitely not a simple clone, neither from the introduced tech nor from the general appearance.

In contrast to its source of inspiration, the Artillery Sidewinder X1 possesses the power supply, touchscreen, and mainboard properly stored base unit. This affords the 3D printer a professional and sleek appearance, quite unlike comparatively priced printers that put out considerably more of a DIY-vibe.


One of the fundamental reasons the Sidewinder separates itself from its rivals is the utilization of ribbon cables. Also, to be very plain, this raises the X1 from a design viewpoint straight up there to the top. In contrast to an incredible number of budget desktop printers and the fistfuls of spaghetti-like cabling they accompany, the Artillery Sidewinder X1 distinguishes itself with conveniently organized huge ribbon cables.

The Framework

Another accepted and rarely seen highlight is the utilization of heavy 20 x 60 mm extrusion for the bed rail and x-axis on the X1. Possessing a sturdy Y-axis rail is now rampant these days, even on budget printers. In any case, the 60 x 20 mm extrusion on the X-axis is uncommon, as most printers manage with a 40 x 20 mm, best case scenario, even 3D printers with a direct drive setup.

Now remember that these notoriously requires greater rigidity on the X-axis because of the extra weight of the extruder. The Z-axis is worked by a double lead screw setup with anti-backlash nuts on the back, and to ensure that they are synchronized, a connector belt with a pulley — an initiative that addresses desyncing of the double lead screw motors after some time.

The Z gantry itself is composed of solid 20 x 40 mm extrusions held in place on the base unit by four screws. Having a strong framework guarantees less Z-wobble when utilizing that tall build space.

The Bed

The core of each 3D printer is its print bed. In the Artillery Sidewinder X1’s case, the heart is made up of a 300 x 300 x 400 mm sized porous ceramic coated glass surface.In terms of print volume, this puts the Sidewinder X1 somewhat better than expected. However, where the Sidewinder is essentially uncontested, is its capacity to move from naught to printing. To evaluate it, the Sidewinder’s warmed bed leaves others in the mud, heating from room temperature to 60°C in around 45 seconds. Also, for completeness sake, the nozzle is of good quality.

The Extruder

The extruder is the place where the magic occurs. In the Sidewinder’s case, this is performed by a Volcano-style hot end and direct Titan Aero-style extruder .

Having a direct drive arrangement is something of an extraordinariness in the Sidewinder’s price range – here it performs well and we’re happy for its incorporation. We previously referenced the 40 x 60mm extrusions permitting stable travel of the print head and lessening backlash, just as the durable gantry and double Z-axis lead screws.

As demonstrated before, the Sidewinder’s hot end is additionally rather quick with regards to warming (naught to 200°C in less than one minute) and can go a high as 270°C. However, we would suggest remaining within the consumer material temperature scope of about 250°C for the major part, otherwise, the cold end of the extruder may get damaged.

As is normal for the voca-style hot end, you can work with some quite high flowrates, because of its extended meltzone, permitting you to utilize nozzles with a 0.8mm or even 1mm diameter adequately.

Connectivity and UI

To coordinate the entire printing measure, the Sidewinder X1 highlights a 3.5-inch color touchscreen. The interface is not difficult to use, with various colors for various sub-menus.

The Usability

The Sidewinder X1’s menu is punchy with a ton of colors and convinces with easy usage. And that is basically everything to say about it. You touch it. It carries out your command.


If you need a dependable 3d printer with an enormous build volume loaded with features, this is the 3d printer for you. Everything from the frame to the spool holder has been designed for unwavering reliability. Purchase yours today at the ongoing Banggood summer prime sales which will end on July 10th. Banggood is the global leading online shop; passion shopping on Banggood.

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