Artillery Genius 3D -Printer Review

Genius Artillery 3D Printer

The genius artillery 3D printer has been widely accepted for being so easy to assemble and compact. It is very useful for both those who already have the knowledge and for the beginner. It not only come with everything that a good 3D has, it has a rigid structure, a touch screen as well as a heated bed, everything that it needs to work exceptionally well. Here is the full review.

artillery genius 3d printer


The Artillery genius 3D printer’s appearance is compact and its electronics can be seen from the part that it’s below its base and the filament support, which will be found above the upper profile. The distribution can be very practical and save more space if having a design like that.

When we entered its construction materials, we noticed that this printer mounts a rigid aluminum profile that measures 60mm, and results in a wider size than usual. The main reason for mounting such a design is that it allows the base and the extrusion system to behave more fluidly. It also has a profile that is made of plastic and being of this material that seems much more fragile in appearance, it is surprising that the material has this admirable rigidity.


A big advantage of this printer is that it is already pre-assembled so finishing the assembly should not be a major problem. In addition, the frame of that printer is already mounted to the extrusion system and if by any chance it’s not enough, you will notice that it will be easy to finish assembling. To make it easier for you, you can use these three simple steps below;

  • First, screw the frame to the base.
  • Then later connect its wiring in the corresponding slot, and here we must look at the shape of each shape to avoid confusion.
  • And finally, place the coil holder on top along with the wire to the filament sensor.
artillery genius 3d printer


The great performance which this printer offers is satisfying and its print quality is quite optimal from its first use. Just like mounting it, printing is just as easy with the possibility of doing it at high speeds without compromising on quality. Thanks to soundproof layer fan and Tmc drives, this product can offer fairly silent printing which is considered one of the most effective in this aspect on the market. This printer has two Z-axis spindles that drive two independent motors and allow the printer to be aligned with the extrusion system. Therefore, its movement transmission system prevents us from generating gaps which can hinder the final printing.

Extrusion system

Here, it has a direct extrusion system of a hot-end and the Titan type that’s quite similar to the famous volcano from E3d. Since it is well optimized, it works incredibly. Also, direct traction allows you to print flexible type filament.

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