Arduino Starter Kit: Rejuvenating The Basic Electronic Experimentation

Description:-Firstly, one should know that what is an Arduino?, Arduino is a platform that is used for constructing electronic projects and I have become quite popular. It consists of both the programmable circuit board and a part of the software. Unlike regular circuit boards, it does not require hardware to make a change in coding and it can be easily done by plugging the USB cable. Use of simple C++ language is used making it easier to learn and program. Arduino kit is used to make and design single-board microcontrollers that are used for making digital objects and interesting projects that can sense and manipulate things in the real and digital world. The Arduino starter kit provides the basic knowledge of
creating and building several simple projects. Arduino starter kit usually has some common electronic equipment which comes with a module of 15 simple projects which we are going to discuss here.

Arduino STARTER KIT FOR BEGINNERS:-Arduino starter kit is the best way to start up with electronics and programming and it is beneficial for beginners, to begin with a starter kit as it contains all essential components of electronics and a module which contains procedure of the experiment for beginners and one can use this kit even if he or she doesn’t have much knowledge and experience in electronics and coding. It a healthy hobby for an individual and it is very knowledgeable. Another benefit is that it creates a sense of satisfaction and joyfulness in an individual’s mind.

I would emphasize the fact that it is very introductory and provides basic information on all experiments that can be easily done by students as it contains guidelines of the experiment, hence it is useful in experimentation.

Features of Arduino Starter Kit: There are so many features of Arduino starter kit as follows:

  • 15 projects are covered by parts and instructions provided in this kit including DC motor, servo motor, LEDs etc.
  • One can make various projects like
  • Light the RAM– Waving your hands to play a musical instrument.
  • Knock lock-Opening a door with the help of a secret code.
  • Digital Hourglass– To prevent one from working too much, making and light-up hourglass.

Benefits and Advantages: There are so many benefits of this Arduino starter kit, which is as follows:

  • Provides an open source platform for electronics prototyping.
  • It provides all the important as well as necessary components which are required for programming.
  • It also contains a guidebook featuring 15 project works.
  • Helps to evolve a beginner into a professional.
  • It is genuine which is really a factor that determines the quality of the product.
  • It teaches dexterity too.

Arduino vs Other Brands: Arduino starter kits are one of the best options, one can get if one has to buy the starter electronics prototyping kit. It is a full packed product without any margin of error. Another brand could be cheaper and provide more parts but their
genuineness should be questioned. Arduino starter kit has the best in class build quality. Build quality is the factor which outshines the other brands. Its learning module is more informative and it includes all the parts required for the experimentation.

Conclusion: So at last but not the least, it could be concluded that the Arduino starter
kit is miraculously the best method to learn and experiment with the basic electronics prototyping.

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