Anycubic Photon Mono X UV Resin SLA 3D Printer Review

So, what is a photon mono X? In layman’s language, it is an MSLA resin 3D printer that offers fast print speeds, highly-detailed models, and a seamless user experience at a pocket-friendly short, it’s a very fast 4k 3D printer. If you are into 3D printing as a hobby or a career, this is the machine you need in your workshop.

Photon Mono X

Fast speed

This 4K Photon Mono X Monochrome Screen Single Layer 3D Printer only takes 1-2 seconds, and the printing speed is a maximum of 2362 in / h, which is 3 times faster than normal resin printers. Do you want to finish printing faster? This printer helps you get higher-quality models in less time.

Print Size

It has among the highest print size capabilities of 8.9 Inch ANYCUBIC Photon Mono X Large 3D Printer has an amazing print volume of 25 “x 4724” x 96mm, approximately 1.48 gallons. Printing volume can meet creative needs and print more models and larger models at one time, and get higher printing efficiency.

Power adjustment function

Compared with other similar 3D printers, Photon Mono X can achieve 30% to 100% exposure power adjustment function, compatible with other special resins such as dentists and high temperatures. And the LCD screen has a lifespan of up to 2000 hours, which is more durable than normal color screens.

Photon Mono X

Precision and transmission:

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono X is a UV light drying 3D printer, using quartz lamp beads, newly upgraded matrix parallel UV light source, the light source is more uniform, and has higher transmittance than a similar 3D printer. It has super high resolution and highly detailed restoration.

Application remote control and high stability

 Use this Mono X UV light drying LCD 3D printer to realize the same WiFi remote printing management space, monitor the real-time printing progress, and adjust the printing parameters at any time. It adopts the combination of double linear guide rail + screw motor + anti-reverse nut to improve the stability of the Z-axis, eliminate the printing layer lines, and print smoother.

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