Anet A8: The Top-not 3D Printer

3D printing has gained momentum in the recent past, which is the process of making a three-dimensional solid object from a given digital file. Today in the market there are numerous 3 D printers, but only the best carry the day. Anet A8 so far stands out as the best 3d printer in 2018. The printer is loaded with the top not features that not only guarantees you high-quality printing but also it comes at a low price. Needless to say, this exceedingly excellent 3D printer kit is compatible with numerous other devices. This property has increased the lover of the printer. You can build your 3d printing kit in a few steps with the help of a manual. This gives two options; fully custom printer and the printer in a box.

3D printer kit

The Anet A8 3d printer kit is a breeze when it comes to printing. This quality makes it the best printer for 3d printing beginners. Among its outstanding features are; the data input technology (memory card and USB), LCD monitor screen, layer resolution of 0.1 mm and a print precision of 0.1 – 0.4 MM. When you purchase the printer kit, it comes with an instruction manual as well as installation video.

The Anet A8 printer has a gross weight of 9.5kg and dimension of 510 x 410 x 415 mm, while the printing size is 220 x 220 x 240 mm, an ideal size for most printing. Moreover, this 3d printing kit has a higher printing speed of up to 100mm/s. Such speed will ensure you have your required copies within the specified time.

3D printer kit

The 2004 LCD screen has five keys that make it easy to control the printing process. Also, the smart board is easy to manage and allows for pausing anytime. The extruder is mk8 customized allowing stable print and a high precision visual experience, thanks to the metal nozzle sophisticated technology.

The 3d printer kit can work up a 1000 hrs without interruptions, and at the same time not interfering with the quality of the printing. This property majorly due to its top-quality step motor and high stability due to the brass nuts, lead screw and the lead rod. Besides, the high precision is due to the main board that is updated to support more functions.

3D printer kit

The high-quality power supply components moderate the power supply to this 3d printer kit. These components allow for continuous printing without the fear of electrical faults. The power supply is 180 watts and a voltage of between 110 and 240 V.

With the ability to support some operating systems – XP, WIN7, VISTA, WIN8, WIN 10, LINUX and Mac, it gives the user a wide array of tools to use. This implies, as a user you are not limited only to one OS while using this printing kit.

If you wish to enjoy 3D printing, Anet A 8 printers are the way to go. It is fun and it will give you values for your money. For more details about the product, please check here.

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