Android TV Boxes Are Making Your TV Smart

In 2010, Google TV was launched which needless to say did not work out like a plan and now it may have its new and improved successor. Not having to pay a monthly cable bill seems tempting to say the least. A US company advertises their TV box as a ‘cable killer.’

Xiaomi MI Box 4

What Is An Android TV Box?

TV boxes are small tiny boxes of not more than 5 inches in length that you plug into your TV rather than paying a monthly cable. You do have to pay the initial cost of buying the box which could be anywhere between $50 to $200 on average. These Android TV boxed make your TV a smart TV instantly and you can access a range of streaming sites including Netflix, Hulu, Xiaomi etc.

Xiaomi MI Box 4C

The usage of a TV box is simple enough; you connect it to your TV, link it to your Wi-Fi and you are good to go. This means that one TV box can be unplugged and used anywhere and with any device that supports it. Android has the most used TV boxes on the market right now, offering access to the Play Store and the ability to use a wireless keyboard. A keyboard can be bought with a mouse rather than using the remote control that lacks precision when typing.


Android TV box is definitely a nice fit into the home entertainment industry and is not a costly addition unless you want an extremely high-end model. All the boxes come with their own setup because the manufacturers than proceed to change the android code later depending on their needs. In terms of content you get, Movies as well as Live TV and sports, Box Sets and more are all part of the package.


It basically works on the idea of watching TV through Apps, which offers a much wider range that also gives you more flexibility in terms of time. A TV box can also output HDMI to a TV, giving you High Definition and a great viewing experience. This also gives you access to all the games and the web browser that comes along with Android, including the Apps.


The TV Box’s other highlights include support for external storage by using a USB and a YouTube App. There was also a Google Assistant introduced into Android TV in late 2017 with a range of additional features to add on to the TV box.

Xiaomi MI Box 4C

Models Available?

There are tens of models in the market and getting one that caters to your wants and is overall is a good product is your first step. The Minix Neo U9-H would be a prime example of a top end model priced at $139 and the Zoomtak H8 which is a cheaper option at $60. And of course, the more cost-effective one are the Xiaomi TV boxes.

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