How to Use an Android Endoscope?

An Android endoscope is one of the most useful gadgets for smartphone users. It aids in checking areas that can’t be reached easily. If you have not handled any of Android endoscope before, then this is for you.

android endoscope

Following is step by step guide to using Android endoscope.

Install it in your Device

This device is used in Android phones supporting OTG. Besides, an application called scan file can be used to scan the user code, followed by downloading the camera app on your phone and install it.

Launch it on your Device

The next step is going to my apps on your mobile phone to locate the USB Camera Icon. Launch then connect it to the endoscope. Alongside the, is android endoscope is a long cable reaching the most hidden places and torturous routes. It is quite flexible so that it can the folded so that it be more portable. It has a button on its control panel which you can take a snapshot or use microphone high-quality quality sound with an adjustable LED dial.

On the other hand, if you want to use the device on your laptop, you have to download software first on your computer before using it. In addition, there is an OTG cord device can connect the device to the network that links the two devices.

Other accessories that come with it are the magnet, hook and side audition.

The hook is used to retrieve objects from crevices while the side audition enables the device to observe around corners and the magnet picks up items from down to drain.

android endoscope

Tape the Hook to the Camera

Attach the hook into the camera end and tape it to attach firmly. This is to enable the endoscope to pick the located object. Also, you can get back to your to the device then launch again the USB camera 2.0 application then connect the camera using the Micro-USB cord. By that, the camera should see objects within its lens range and ready to be installed.

android endoscope

Use it to see how it Works

For example, you want to pick up a ring that accidentally fell into the tub, you will gradually start by lowering the endoscope hook into the tub and down the pipe. You can probe for any metallic material and monitor its procession through the screen on your phone. Immediately the hook picks up the object, the magnet located on the camera attracts it while the hook is picking up and you can retrieve it by gradually dragging it to the surface. This is done gently so that the object doesn’t fall off the hook.

android endoscope


The android endoscope is the most useful device that is used to reach places that cannot be reached by ordinary hand. Its additional advantage is that of a camera that can be used to track objects, and through this, you will certainly find it most helpful.

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