See How Chromecast Competing Mini PC Works

Having devices connected to the internet has become quite common because the consumption of digital content like movies and documentaries is increasing. So having a TV connected to the internet nowadays is almost fundamental.

The Android Box is a device that has been gaining popularity worldwide for being an alternative for those who do not have a Smart TV at home. Unlike Chromecast, manufactured by Google, the Box (or Android mini PC) is a device produced by several different brands. On the other hand, it seeks to offer much more functionality than the Google device.

Learn about the main advantages offered by an Android Box.
Unlike Chromecast, an Android Box runs Android natively and features virtually all the functions of a tablet. This means that it can download to install virtually any app in the Play Store, including social networks and especially games. You can install games and use a cell phone like the gamepad, for example.

You can also download movies and series of internal memory and playback on your TV using your smartphone as a remote control. As long as your Box has large storage or a MicroSD card slot – which is cheaper – it can turn a powerful media center in the living room.

Chromecast is a streaming device that does not offer this advantage because it does not have internal memory or access the Play Store. Think of the Android Box as a multimedia tablet that uses your TV as a display.

Technical specificationsPreferably handsets with recent versions of Android
Because it is manufactured by several different brands, the Android Box can count on diverse technical specifications. In general, the recommendation is to look for at least quad-core processors and 1 GB RAM for better performance in Full HD video playback. These settings are sufficient for apps like Netflix, YouTube, and the like.The big difference from a Box to an Android phone is the lower requirement per powerful datasheet. Because it’s harder to use multiple apps at the same time on TV, there’s less worry about performance and fluency. But, you have to be aware of the storage: prefer models with 8 GB or more, and microSD card slot from 64 GB.You need to invest more if you are looking for a specific gaming device. In this case, it is important to have at least 2 GB of RAM and a higher GPU, such as the Adreno 405 – the same as the Moto G 4 Plus.
System and security
It’s important to look for models equipped with recent versions of Android. Avoid models running Android 4.2 or 4.4, and prefer those that offer at least Android 5.1 Lollipop. Keep in mind that an upgraded system does not only offer more features and application compatibility but more security.One tip to stay safe on an Android with the unknown manufacturer is to use a device-specific Google account – create a new Gmail and use only the Android Box. Also, avoid putting photos and other intimate content on your device. If it is invaded, make sure that no valuable personal information is available to the offender.
Devices dedicated to Android TVs are not usually offered by major brands, which can lead to warranty issues. It is very common to find models for sale, manufactured by little-known brands from China that do not offer specialized technical assistance.The simplest way to avoid major headaches is to buy your Android Box at a major electronics store. Companies of the type offer more flexibility to exchange in case of defect, and can even return your money in case of malfunction.
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