Android box is the most popular television accessory now

Television is the finest form of entertainment to date. Be it children, parents, grandparents or friends, each and every one has some attachment with Television. Television has evolved a lot from its inception- From black & white to multicolor to LED to ultra LED’s. And as the press mentions this is continuously evolving. Parallel to the engineering, content has also evolved. Various technologies like that of TV BOX has helped this paradigm shift. TV Box is a device which lets you gather content from different sources on the internet like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon etc. It’s perfect for millennial as they strive for newer and exciting content all the time. TV box is an important and necessary device to satiate the content expectations of the new generation and also creates curiosity among the old.

Xiaomi MI Box 4

A good TV android box should have the mentioned features.

  1. Operating system Heart of the TV BOX
  2. Audio pass-through Should be easy to plug in with existing TV system
  3. Dynamic refresh rate switching To have better fast moving HD pictures view
  4. HDMI 2.0, Ports and Wi-Fi connectivity Basic hardware capabilities to have connectivity with TV plus the speed
  5. HD support To have high-quality pictures

Xiaomi MI Box 4

These features are something to look up to. All these features with some added features – USP’s of several brands are pushed into masses. Some of the most famous brands are – Nvidia, Amazon, Gem, Xiaomi. Few products are mention as follows.

  1. Amazon Fire TVStick: – This little dongle fits in your television, telecasting the world to you, this is a small version of Amazon fire TV, if you are cost sensitive, buy this and you won’t regret


  1. Mi Box: – 4k Android box, which has complete HDR video support with Bluetooth remote voice support and also supports Google cast. This product has an award-winning design, extremely sleek with innovated technology which connects the world of content and entertainment easily to your households, lastly, this is a perfect buy for someone who needs high rich content.

Xiaomi MI Box 4

  1. Nvidia Shield TV– The gamers choice: – This one has always been a “Gamers’ choice” and was rated the best among Android TV, especially with its great features and the new model has a reduced device size and comes within remote with Bluetooth game controller


4.Amazon Fire TV: – This is the most famous and talk of the town product right now, though it doesn’t look like an android device, but has defeated Google’s operating system, but it runs under Android and you easily download Kodi.

Xiaomi MI Box 4C

Whats Hot & is coming soon?

CES 2018 came up with exciting collaborations with TV brands such as Sony. OS restructuring for Android TV box is also announced. A cheaper chormecast like cost version might be announced soon. We might also see a 4K HDR version soon. Excited for these to take shape!


All the upcoming devices and the industry is fighting to deliver a better customer experience at a cheaper price. This goal shall be achieved by collaborations of hardware & software companies as we saw in CES 2018. We would like to hear your opinions and experiences of TV box, and also what new features would you like to see.

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