The 6 LED 7mm Lens IP67 USB Android Borescope Simple Review

Some everyday tasks around our homes and offices require the use of an inspection camera. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a professional mechanic or someone who likes getting solving their own issues as some corners are hard to reach. Therefore, investing in a waterproof inspection camera is the best choice as you can easily have a peep at the deepest and darkest parts of drains and other related equipment. So if you want to pick an android endoscope, here is a comprehensive review of one of them, to give you an idea of what to look out for. Keep reading!
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The 6 LED 7mm Lens IP67 Features

Wetness Protection; This android endoscope is an IP67 waterproof and functions efficiently on androids with the UVG and OTG function. So you can comfortably perform all those underwater inspections without any worry.

Cable Specs; It also comes with various power cable options (1 meter to 5 meters) depending on your preference.

Camera Quality; It also has an impressive lens diameter of 7mm, with a pixels resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, which is pretty excellent considering its price.

Illumination; The 6 LED 7mm Lens IP67 android endoscope can function efficiently both under high-light and low-light conditions, thanks to its 6 LED lights. You also get to adjust the brightness of the LED lights, depending on your visual needs. Having LED lights is also advantageous as compared to other light-sources as they tend to last longer: a couple of years, probably.

Compatibility: The packaging of this android endoscope unit includes a USB to Micro USB Female cable that you can use to connect to your computer. So if you find it time-consuming using your android phone, you can gladly switch to the computer with ease. You, however, have to ensure your computer is Windows VIST XP W7 W8 W10 compatible as it doesn’t support other systems.

The 6 LED 7mm Lens IP67 Prosandroid endoscope

This amazing android endoscope comes in handy in various household repair-situations such as; pipe and car repairs, rescue and custom searches and instrument detection.

It comes with a user manual and a CD manual for both Android phones and computer.

The camera might be little but that doesn’t make it less powerful. Besides, the android endoscope comes with all the necessary attachments you will require for an exciting view. Imagine looking into your nose and ear at the comfort of your home? Well, it’s all possible with this little machine.

Since the6 LED 7mm Lens IP67 android endoscope comes with different cable lengths, it’s easy to maneuver around as you get to select the cable that perfectly suits your needs. For instance, if your work involves a lot of indoor and outdoor inspections and repairs, a cable with a perfect shape can allow you both horizontal and vertical placements.

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