An Amazing Invention of 3D Printer Pen

A few days ago, I am upset and fretful for I have to go far distance to print my paper. At that moment, I think it is good if I have a portable small printer. Accidentally, I find the 3D printer pen, which satisfies my desire. What’ s more, it is environmental friendly product, and you can use your discard pens as the print material. What an amazing invention. Next, I will introduce it for you carefully.
3D Printer PenFirst, it is a stereoscopic 3D product, and its working principle is electric heating. Adjustable digital display, which PLA,ABS,HIPS and other materials are all suitable to use. This function creates true masterpieces with this really effective 3D pen that will be suitable for the artists, hobby enthusiasts and the creative individuals in today’s society.

Second, small size design, only 30 x 44 x187mm, gives you the convenience and portability. At the same time, lightweight design brings you easily to control the working speed. There is a speed control button near the pen point, which you can operate it to control the print speed.
3D Printer Pen 1Third, for its upgraded invention, you can watch the working temperature through the LCD screen. What’ s more, it has a good plug design for heater and nozzle to help control the temperature Electric heating nozzle integrated and compact design convenient for maintenance and replacement.

Last, the useful design of it is the intelligent standby-function design, which is used to cut off the electricity if the user forgets to close the power after five minutes, and it will not be burden when it is not being used. What’s more, it also has a design of super silence, for you won’ t be feel noisy when you use it.

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