AMKOV OX5: a WIFI Lens Used for Smartphone

A few days ago, Amkov company released its newest produc – AMKOV OX5. You known, Amkov is a famous brand in China which has 15 years history in action camera producing. Therefore, its products have high quality assurance. We should buy it relieved. If you are interested in it, just follow my words and you should be harvested.

Look at AMKOV OX5, upon its shape,  just like the other camera lens. It is made of aviation plastic, which is hard enough and the color of it is the classic black. However, it has special functions the others don’ t have.
AMKOV OX5 lensFirst of all, I want to say is its wifi lens. Before the text, I had mentioned that it is a wifi lens which used for smartphone. Indeed, it is the perfect partner for your mobile phone photography, which is compatible with IOS and Android intelligent systems, easy to complete self beauty. What’ s more, built-in wifi function, timely delivery of real-time sharing photos is available and you can control away from the machine to complete the whole body 360 degrees.

Then, it has high clear pixels with 20MP and 120 degrees wide angle. CMOS sensor equipped ensures the shooting quality in the pictures. Moreover, 20X zoom keeps the cellphone can do it optical zoom.

All in all, AMKOV OX5 is a remarkable new creation products. If you want to buy a new camera lens, it is very suitable for you, which adopts advanced technology and with high quality shooting effect. Choose it and I’ m sure that you will not be regret.

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