AMKOV CDR5 Digital Camera : Cost-effective Digital Camera

AMKOV CDR5There are many 16 megapixel cameras to chose from, but the AMKOV CDR5 Digital Camera with 3.0 Inch TXD , 900CMOS sensor, different image resolution to chose from, 15X optical zoom, 30X increase magnification optical zoom and other strong features stand up well when compared with others of its price range. Compared to  other telephoto cameras of Canon or Nikon, this one is really affordable. You don’t need to pay for it by installment.

As far as the picture quality goes, i would say it is a bit better than others of the same caliber. With the more agile and small 900 CMOS sensor, the time of exposure will be shorter. What’s more, you can choose the image resolution you like to create the effect you like, which is really suitable for photographers and designers. With 15X optical zoom and 30X increase magnification optical zoom, you can get a high quality photo at any distance without any stress. You can save lots of money from buying different prime lens.
what’s more, to give you the more colorful and beautiful pictures, you can set the white balance with different modes: auto, daylight, cloudy, incandescent, fluorescent, tungsten lamp and custom, therefore the reduction and processing of color can be well done. And if you are don’t know how to set the parameters or just don’t want to bother setting up, there are several scenes for you to chose from: Back light/ Auto /  Night portrait / Building / children / food/ snow scenery/ fireworks/ dusk /Blink detection / smile shoot  Scenery. Even if you are a newbie, you can take master pictures with AMKOV CDR5 digital camera.

AMKOV CDR5 digital camera provides self-timer for selfie enthusiasts. Besides, for people who are hindered by the hand-trembling problems, this camera can give them relief by supporting anti-shake. In addition, it can give better focus when you take portraits due to its face detection. For those who have trouble focusing close on the small LCD screen, which can be a problem for those who are far-sighted, there’s a big and clear 3.0 inch TXD screen. You can choose the flash mode from auto, force, off, and Auto Red-eye. So that you can avoid the awful influences brought by flash.

All-in-all the AMKOV CDR5 is a great camera for its price, rivaling any other 16 megapixel cameras that I know.


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