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In order for a gamer to gain an exciting gaming experience, the gaming controller must be one that easily matches with the computer. Handling the controller must be comfortable in the hands and respond well to commands. Gamers ought to not only be able to control the games but also set the pace of their games. However, for a richer and more exciting experience, Bluetooth game controller enhances gaming experience even further.

ps3 controller

For a great gaming experience, most gamers prefer controllers that have extra buttons at least more than those inbuilt within the console. Also, controllers with a grip that is anti-sweat are even better. However, a research also showed that at number 3 of the top three best features is controllers with the wireless connection. While there are times when traditional wired game controllers just make sense to keep, Bluetooth enabled gaming controller has won the hearts of many gamers. Surprisingly, a survey showed that 64% of gamers who participated don’t like wired controllers, even though they have no delays. Also, for the sake of cleanliness and order in the room, Bluetooth gaming controllers eliminate untidiness.

bluetooth game controller

For the best experience with bluetooth game controller, first of all, ensure that the controller is compatible with your mobile device (whether Android or iOS). Secondly, following fewer chances for compatibility issues, there are multiple choices for third-party peripherals to select from. Thirdly, especially for Android supported peripherals, there is a diverse range of cost fitting for most gamers. Hence promoting affordability; gamers are not left with few choices due to the price factor.

ps3 controller

Recommending some Bluetooth gaming controllers

Two of the main factors gamers consider while shopping for Bluetooth gaming controllers are price and user experience. As for price, sources have that 8Bitdo Zero and iPega are mostly preferred. Its cost is under $20 and comes with a pleasant aesthetic finish. 8Bitdo houses programmable buttons making the user experience even more exciting. iPega Bluetooth controller can accommodate a wide variety of screen sizes on mobile devices. That is from 5.5-inch mobile phones to 10-inch tablets. As for the user experience, SteelSeries Stratus is most gamers’ favorite. Even though its cost is high, its larger size on the panel accommodates many buttons. The only downside about it is that it doesn’t come with a stand. Gamers have to bear the burden of propping a mobile device on the external stand. Also, for gamers who care about battery life, it needs to be charged often since it doesn’t support rechargeable cells. However, its Bluetooth technology is easy to pair, enabling collaboration between gamers, even in different locations in real time.


Bluetooth gaming controllers provide gamers with a richer and more personal gaming experience. They support gamers to play remotely even from different locations. Also, they do provide gamers with a wide array of choices since the pads are programmable. If advancement in technology ever did a great thing in the world of gaming, was to innovate around Bluetooth gaming controllers.

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