All about the PS3 controller

If you’re thinking about getting your own PS3, this PlayStation 3 review will tell you all about the controller. The new PS3 motion offers an improved gaming experience due to its technological advantages and new features. To begin with, you need to know about this device is all about your gaming experience. After reading this you will know all the benefits of the move motion PS3 controller, and at what price you can get the best deals for PS3 controllers.

ps3 controller

Gaming experience review

The highly sensitive motion detector featured in this ps3 controller can trap subtle movements of the players; each movement is being tracked through the controller, its precision will surprise even the most experienced console gamer. The movement tracing allows more intuitive game-play which enhance your gaming experience by putting you right inside the game environment, making the game feel more realistic than ever. Also, the move motion PS3 machine changes color and a vibration feedback sensor, which provide the player with both visual and sensory feedback while playing.

ps3 controller

Working reviewNow that we know how it works let’s discuss the controller’s pros

Pros review

First off, we would like to say that the console system’s main pro is its superb graphics. The PlayStation 3 games are all in Bluray DVD format, which can hold much more information than the average DVD. While the X-box 360 console also supports the Bluray DVD format, it doesn’t come with the package – you will have to buy the Bluray DVD player separately. Other features include a Wi-Fi connection, which means you can surf the web and play online through the console.


Online gaming is one of the best PlayStation features. You get to compete with other PS3 gamers, plus, you can do so without additional costs. This is what sets it apart from the 360 console, for the latter will only let you play online at a fee.


The games are also just as amazing. Legendary games such as Final Fantasy XIII, Grand Theft Auto 4, God of War III, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Super Street Fighter IV all make an appearance in the PlayStation 3 console.

ps3 controller

Price review (cons)

And boy, the Sony gaming console does not come the exactly cheap-the price is steep, at around US $399! It is a lot of money, we admit, as compared to X-box’s US $149 and the Wii at US $249. Also, programming the Sony gaming console can also be a little difficult, especially for newbies. Many people are also disappointed with its lack of the rumble feature on the PS3 controller, which can take the excitement off the gaming experience.


If you weigh the pros and cons of the Sony console, you’ll see how greatly the pros outweigh the cons! Bottom line is, it is simply superb! It’s all up to you whether or not to buy the console.

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