AI-Ball mini wifi camera, the world’s smallest surveillance camera

Yesterday, when I surfed in the Internet, I found an interesting item. It is called AI-Ball mini wifi camera, the smallest surveillance camera in the world. Ultra-portable feature that it is convenient to carry out and easy to hide. Then, let me tell you something detailed about it.

According to the picture, you can know that its has a super small size of 35*30mm, only a little bigger than the one yuan coin. Attaching with the sling, you can bring it anywhere. Besides, it has three color selections, blue, purple and yellow.
AI-Ball mini wifi camera(1)AI-Ball mini wifi camera features with wifi function and it is high suitability that you can connect it with PC, iPhone, Android phone or other wifi devices. Once you  successfully connected with your electronic devices, it allows you to view and record audio and video on them. No need complicated operation steps. And the remote control distance is 15 meters, realizing truly wireless control. By the way, it supports connecting up to 6 IP addresses at the same time that you can share the happy moments to others.
AI-Ball mini wifi camera(2)What’ s more, it supports video snapshot, which you can leave the fantastic moments. Its video resolution is VGA 640*480, 30fps, which you can use it to take clear pictures just as the followings showing you. Besides, it has F2.8 lens, 60 degree viewing angle and 20cm to infinity focusing. 750mAh huge capacity battery allows you long time use.
AI-Ball mini wifi camera(3)In concluded, AI-Ball mini wifi camera is an excellent for you and I’ m sure that you will amaze at its powerful usage. If you are interested in it, you can buy it from

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