Advantages of the use of wireless weather stations

Do you have the modern invitation which can be used at home and predicted the weather and execute other useful function like me?This device can’t be called novelty for it had been used successfully for several years, but the range of weather station had been altered through development and recommendation of the new technology and the improvement during the time we use it.

Wireless weather station thermometer sensor allows you to receive objective information about all the changes in the external environment and quickly analyze it.  The device processes the data collected at a limited area, and also generates a weather report for a particular site. Thus, the owners of these devices are able to make plans for the next few days, taking into account the weather forecast, especially for their actual location. For some people, the information obtained will prompt the selection of clothing and accessories.

Types of home weather stations and their features

The main criterion for the distribution of weather stations by type is the specificity of their design and method of gathering information.

The weather station for the house can be two basic types:

  1. Analog. The principle of operation of such devices is a mechanical measuring certain indicators. Typically, these devices are quite simple and have a limited number of functions.
  2. Digital. They are considered the most accurate readings. These stations require a source of power: connection to the mains, a battery or batteries.

One of the most convenient recognized home weather stations with wireless sensor is very efficient, informative and practical.

Further subdivision into types on the technological indices station also classified according to their functionality and application areas. Based on this, you can call home and professional appliances. First designed for the analysis of small area, second covers a territory with a radius of up to 100 m and produce more accurate measurements and calculations.


In contrast to simpler instruments designed to reflect the classic indicators that affect the weather, digital weather station designed to perform the following functions:

  1. Along with the collection of information, analysis and generation forecast for the next day.
  2. Illustration dynamics of the selected time period (or by constructing a histogram in digital form).
  3. Control internal microclimate.
  4. Ability to export data into a laptop computer with the USB-ports.
  5. Aesthetic load: device body in the style of “high tech”, so it looks modern a
    nd attractive decorating any home.
  6. Successful implementation of a whole range of tasks: to combine the role of clock, alarm, calendar, organizer, e-picture frames, night lamp and other.
  7. Comfortable operation thanks to remote controls and touch panels.

The undeniable advantages possessed by DANIU 433MHz wireless weather station and DANIU Mini LCD Digital Thermometer should also include its ease of installation, which does not require the formation of holes and the holes for the wires in the walls, as well as the use of an unlimited number of projections to enhance sensor accuracy. The peculiarity of this type of instrument is the use of self-contained power supply that requires timely replacement or recharging.

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