AC-DC power supplies come in many shapes and sizes

XP Power’s SDL400prSDL400 series of 400W single and dual output 1U AC-DC energy supplies are obtainable in four mechanical formats: U channel, U channel with cover (-C choice), top rated fan cover (-F solution) and finish fan cover (-E choice).

All of the formats aside from the top rated fan mounted version are less than 39.9mm high.

A variable speed fan is applied to lessen audible noise at lower load circumstances and extend fan life within the -E and -F models.

For applications devoid of a fan or forced air flow, the units can operate with convection cooling as much as 220W for the single output models.

Peak energy output is specified at 700W for up 0.5s.

Single output models are obtainable with the well-known nominal outputs between +12Vdc and +48Vdc, and each a +54 Vdc and +60Vdc output variant.

Dual output models have a +5Vdc output in mixture using a +12Vdc, +24Vdc or +48Vdc or perhaps a +12Vdc/ +24Vdc model.

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