A wonderful Escam QD330 IP camera

Nowadays, there are many brands of products in the market, IP camera is the same. When I surf in the Internet, Escam QD330 IP camera catches my eyes for it announcing it is the warrior and I think it should be wonderful, so I do a search on it. Next, I will share my survey with you.
Escam QD330 IP CameraFirst, it is a HD pixels IP camera, which has H264 compression mode, with high definition image and lower bit rate, and HD 720P high definition, with the highest resolution up to 1280*720 and 25 fps image transmission, brings you smooth image. What’ s more, WDR function makes it have better image even when IP camera under black lighting, namely when there are very bright and very dark areas, this camera also can show you the clear images. In addition to, it has with IR-CUT, which supports day and night watching in range 15 meters.
Escam QD330 IP cameraSecond, it has P2P cloud function, which is no need router, port mapping, DDNS and IP address, easily to connect the camera to the computer. As the cloud technology, I think many people are familiar to it, and this camera also with the cloud technology, so you can view the IP camera image anytime and anywhere, very simple and convenient.

Third, it can be used as a monitor in small places, such as family monitor, small shops monitor or small office monitor. A s for me, I’ m like this usage very much and I think it is very useful. You can use it in your home to secure the safety and prevent the invaders, what’ s more, ensuring your families’ safe, especially the children and the aged people. What a fantastic design of  Escam QD330 IP camera, I like it very much.

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Escam QD330 IP camera

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