A research about the best TV box in the market – A5X MAX Review



To the lovers of entertainment and speed, here is the best product for you. Now you can afford a smile of your face when ordering this amazing TV box because of the assurance of high-quality TV content delivered to you at high speed. This is the best wireless TV service in town, it is worth getting your hands on it. We give you the features of the A5X MAX TV Box just to show you how much of a great deal this is.



Improved hardware features

This A5 MAX comes with world-class hardware features to it. The RAM is 4 Gig and comes with a 32 Gig ROM. Moreover, it comes with an RK3328 Quad-Core 64bit chipset and a Penta-Core Mali-450 GPU which delivers high-quality content at a much faster pace. Gone are the days of frowning before your TV set because of the low quality, buffering images.


Exciting software features

Now, this is really the exciting part, this A5X MAX TV box with Android 7.1 system, RK3328 Quad-Core 64bit Cortex-A53 CPU, 2.4G WIFI, 4k HD image, Bluetooth and built-in antenna, offers you the best experience in the market. It has a card reader function and supports a myriad of image, video and audio formats, you can never go wrong with this A5X MAX wonder creation.


Advanced software specifications

This is indeed an A5X MAX mini PC created for your own satisfaction as it supports a mouse via a USB connection and keyboard. The mouse can also be connected via wireless connection using a USB dongle. It has great network function, with the connection to a variety of online sites. These include Facebook, online movie sites, Netflix, Vudu, Skype, YouTube and many more for your own satisfaction. You also have access to many kinds of games via the A5X MAX TV box.


Great accessories

The TV box comes with a mix of useful accessories, buy this A5X MAX mini PC and never worry about buying extra accessories at another cost. It comes with a power adaptor, HDMI cable, user manual and a remote for added convenience.


Conclusive review

Users who have used this amazing product have had a great TV watching experience. The great functions of the A5X Max TV box features add great convenience to TV watching since users can go online and browse for more content whilst connecting to their social peers via Facebook and watch trending music videos via YouTube. This really is a great TV watching experience especially with the added Android system that allows access to a number of applications. The ability to connect a keyboard and a mouse adds an interesting option of turning the TV box into a computer.


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