A Guide on Choosing a LED Strip Power Supply

Installation and the complete set up of the LED strip will always require you to take precautions. It is not easy because it is the case with other traditional light bulbs such as the fluorescent and even the incandescent bulbs. You will require a device or rather an inverter that will step down the high voltage of 120 volts or even 240V to the desired voltage of 12v or 24 volts. Though notably, the majority of the LED strips work on a low voltage direct current of 12v power supply! Your location will still determine the nature of the power supply suitable for your LED strip.

The following factors that need taking into considerations while choosing a power supply for a LED strip:

12v power supply

LED strip voltage

It’s a common knowledge that most LED strips work on a 12v power supply. This assumption should not be always trusted! You need to take considerations before making assumptions. You must confirm this in its photo. They will have the specifications written either as the 12v or 24 volts. It should match the specifications of the power supply. If your led strip is a 12 volt, then it must be connected to a 12v power supply. It’s always important to ensure that the input voltage on AC matches your locations voltage i.e. Europe. You can also check the verifications on the product descriptions site before you use it. The majority of the LED strips will specify if it works with a 12v power supply or the rest.

12v power supply

Check the power draw of the LED strip

Here the first thing that you will need to have in mind is that it’s recommended to have a higher power supply that will exceed the power draw, which will ensure a normal working of the LED strip. For instance, when the power draw exceeds the power supply, a lot of abnormal operations will happen in your LED strip. You will be verifying this by checking the wattage or the amperage specifications. If it’s not listed,  you can also opt to calculate it by using the formula P=V*A.  P denotes the wattage, V is the voltage and the amperage denoted by A.

12v power supply

You will also need to check the power supply and see its wattage ratings. It must be capable of supplying the power that will exceed or be just enough for your led strip! For a 12v power supply, it will actually be sufficient and capable of supplying the required power for the LED strip which has an equal power draw. The power supply capacity should be higher than the power draw of the LED strip. It’s important to note that even if the power supply exceeds the power draw of a led strip, it will just supply sufficient power for the led strip without damaging the LED strip.

12v power supply

Method of connection

A 12v power supply will always come with its compatible power connector. You will actually to be keen on specifications. LED strip plugs may not work with the altered specifications! It will only work under the specified connectors. The LED strip reel should also come with a DC plug which is compatible with the 12V power supply. In some as where you might decide to cut up your LED strip into a number of segments, then you really need to find an adapter that will connect the two in both ends.

LED supply is a choice following its durability, abilities and also the design. Majority works under a 12v power supply, but you can also find a 24v. You need to consider the factors aforementioned if you really intend to get the best out of your device. For more information, please click here.

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