A Comprehensive Overview on the Need for Wind Turbines

Did you know that the world uses fifteen trillion watts at any given time? That is the equivalent of lighting ten billion bulbs simultaneously with each one of them producing 100 watts of power. Interestingly, the global population is growing by 75 million people annually or 200,000 individuals each day. That means the use of energy worldwide will increase exponentially in coming years. Currently, coal is the most significant source of electricity. In fact, this fossil fuel generates 49% of the power consumed in the US. Unfortunately, coal is a wasteful resource because only 33% of the energy from a coal plant makes it to consumers as electricity.

Wind Turbine

Consequently, a new source of energy is necessary on the world stage. More specifically, this energy source should be natural and cost-effective. It should be widely available as well. Currently, the only renewable resource that fits these criteria is wind. For example, it is available in every country and harnessing it requires a wind turbine only. Denmark is taking advantage of it already. Did you know that this Nordic country produced 40% of its electric power from wind in 2015? This astonishing figure points to wind power as a viable source of energy. The European Union is also taking advantage of it. In fact, more than 11.4% of its electricity comes from wind power.

Wind Turbine

Fortunately, buying a Wind Turbine from a reputable dealer is possible. That means you can take advantage of this renewable source of energy immediately. In fact, you can purchase a turbine with a rated power of 800 watts. The rating for voltage and wind speed is 12/24/48V and 11.5 meters per second respectively. The operating temperature should have a broad range so that you can use it under different weather conditions. For example, an ideal range should be minus forty degrees Celsius to eighty degrees Celsius. The braking method should be electromagnetic as well. This method slows down the blades so that they rotate as a safe speed. It does that without diverting too much energy from the central system.

Wind Turbine

Fortunately, you can get all of these features in one wind turbine. In fact, the ones we have for you include additional features as well. For example, the design is user-friendly meaning that you can use it without any hassle. It also has an aluminum alloy die-casting with a double bearing carrier and anti-typhoon capabilities. That means it can operate in extreme weather conditions. Buy it today. It comes with six blades for maximum generation of power. The manufacturer used the latest technology to manufacture these blades. For instance, they have an aerodynamic design for optimal levels of efficiency. Another benefit of having this Wind Turbine is the operating vibration is low. That means it does not make a lot of noise as other wind turbines do.

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