8GB 7 Inch Touch Screen Ebook Reader In Hot

8GB 7 Inch Touch Screen Ebook Reader has a fashionable appearance, ultra-thin fuselage, and a low price in the market, will bring about a reader universalness storm. The 7 inches color screen, 800 x 480 resolution, screen refresh faster than E-Ink. Can not only read the color books, magazines, PDF documents, such as electronic books, you can also browse pictures, photo albums, or appreciate 720 p HD video.

About E-book format, 8GB 7 Inch Touch Screen Ebook Reader supports TXT, PDF, FB2, EPUB, HTM, PDB, RTF,.MOBI format of e-books, also can perfect reading PDF, the built-in color images such as EPUB e-books. You can watch the video anytime and anywhere, movies and other easily enjoy life entertainment. Support mass storage to read, can store up to tens of thousands of books, to the library to take home. Can listen to music or listening to FM, while reading a book. 8GB 7 Inch Touch Screen Ebook Reader uses a full-screen touch design, support the finger touch, turn pages more convenient; Can be automatically recorded bookmarks, auto flip, automatic browsing, page scaling, rotating, font to read follow one’s inclinations.

8GB 7 Inch Touch Screen Ebook ReaderThe 7 inches display screen, the picture clear, but for a long time reading, protect your eyes, reading good partner is your health. Expect to the basic functions, 8GB 7 Inch Touch Screen Ebook Reader is a provide file system structure, enable us to more clearly, more intuitive understanding of e-book files and folders. Support file search, find files easily, rummaging through the files of annoyance. It supports the English-Chinese dictionary, query words meaning anytime and anywhere, learning and entertainment. In the free time also can enjoy the pleasure of built-in games, mix, work more efficiently.

8GB 7 Inch Touch Screen Ebook Reader is simple and easy to use, in combination with 7 inch high clearly the screen, is a good equipment to read electronic books.

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